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Expat Capital Group is an independent leasing company that was created to fill a void that exists within the United States automotive market. Foreign nationals or Expats entering the United States on an employment assignment essentially had no means to lease a new vehicle. Without a Social Security Card they were relegated to purchasing used vehicles in cash. Leasing a new vehicle was not an option for them.

Until now…

The Expat Capital Group management team has years of automotive finance experience and knowledge- we know this business, and more importantly we are attuned to our customers’ unique needs.   



Who We Serve

Simply put, we are here to serve the global community. Whether you are located overseas and will be relocating to the United States on a job assignment, or are already in the United States and would like to lease a new vehicle, we are here to help! 





Our program is available to assignees relocating to the United States from all over the world including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Korea, and Japan, just to name a few.  The individuals we serve come from all different industries including technology, manufacturing, banking, oil, or healthcare industries among others.

So if you think you fit this profile, or would like additional information concerning our program, do not hesitate to click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.  A representative from our team will be in contact with you shorlty to go over the various options available to you.


Our overall objective is take one less worry out of the relocation equation- our team is here is to assist our customers with concierge-level service that makes the automotive leasing experience trouble-free.